About Us

Diamond Solar Plus is one of Australia's largest companies solely dedicated to renewable energy. Diamond Solar Plus is amongst the leading national providers of renewable energy solutions. Our products and components generate renewable power for private homes, businesses and schools around Australia.

Rapidly expanding, our mission is to be the best solar supply and installation company in Australia for medium scale and residential systems; continually striving to maintain excellence in components, installation and superior customer service.

Consulting and accredited installation

Diamond Solar Plus has a diverse network of accredited installers throughout urban and rural Australia, specialising in the design and installation of renewable energy systems for residential and commercial applications.

Our installers are trained to deliver to the most stringent Australian and International Standards and have a wealth of experience in grid connected and stand alone wind and solar power systems. With Diamond Solar Plus as your supplier and installer, you can have your solar power system up and running flawlessly in no time.

Keeping it simple.. and economical

As with any new technology, solar energy systems may have been treated with some suspicion a decade or so ago but the technology is now at an advanced stage where you have the solar panels installed on your roof and they plug into your meter box - and it works for a very long time with next to no maintenance.

We don't go into long-winded technology explanations with everyone, except for the people who love solar power for its technology. In order to compete with mainstream electricity and other issues, our system has to operate and work just as well as the previous system the customer has been using. And that's where we are today - we're just as good. If you have a choice between a normal electric hot water system, or solar-powered one on your roof, then after rebates, it may be only AUS$500 difference. Why wouldn't you use the greener, cleaner energy? After a while, it will also start saving you money!