Solar Power for Your Schools

The Australian Government supports Australian schools to go solar. The National Solar Schools Program offers grants of up to $50,000 (GST exclusive) to install solar and other renewable power systems, solar hot water systems, rainwater tanks and a range of energy efficiency measures.

At Diamond Solar we put our expertise and solar solutions to work, helping you use available funding to lower energy costs, and care for the environment.

By installing solar power system, you can offer a practical education in tackling climate change to your students:

  • how solar energy works
  • how solar energy is good for our environment
  • the benefits solar energy brings to their school

Your school can even keep a history that allows you to compare your carbon emissions to other schools both locally and Australia-wide!

Talk to Diamond Solar on incorporating solar power in your school.


  • Government funding available
  • Free and renewable energy source
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduce your school's energy consumption
  • Provide educational benefits for your school's students and surrounding communities

National Solar Schools Pogram

The National Solar Schools Program (NSSP) has opened for applications. The 2011-12 application round will close on 30 September 2011.

Funding available

Grant funding totalling $25.04 million is available to schools in 2011-12.

Refer to NSSP 2011-12 funding allocations for information on funding available in your state/territory.

More information

National Solar Schools Program Guidelines - July 2011 or view the online version here.